Established on 1st January 2000.

It is based on a Korean Technology.

Every bag is manufactured using specialized Machine & a top Quality product is manufactured.

The best Qualified and efficient work force and echo friendly workers are employed by this organization.

All raw materials used in the manufacture of our bags are imported from China, Taiwan & Malaysia.

We are in position to accept orders for all kind of back pack, school bags, promotional bags, Travel bags, Brief cases & Marketing bags.

This is organization has received approval from the Ministry of education to provide bags for SriLankan school students under/Health safety bag institute by the government (Registration no-EHS/GA/ 1065).

   We are in a position to cater to your individual requirements. Eg:- Embroidery & printing of logos

  Our building is housed on 10000sqft .We also have a generator installed and power Failures are no Hazard

       to our factory.

  All Orders are manufactured within the stipulated deadlines for delivery.

Our main objective is to product top quality bags at very competitive prices and also with a longstanding guarantee.

  : -Cutting section first stage of the manufacture of a bag.


: -The main manufacturing the team spirit of our workers has helped us to achieve success.

Assemble01.jpgAssemble 02.jpgAssemble03.jpg

  -Finally the trimming & Quality control unit and the packing of the finished product.

Finished 02.jpgFinished 01.jpg

: -From the inception to the finished product. The zest and cooperation of our staff family has helped us in our success.



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Sandika Bag Manufactures  No.7/43, Gamunu Mawatha, Hunupitiya, Wattala.

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